The Perils of Packing.

If you like to cry, you should listen to this song.. [youtube=]

I just listened to it four times. I need a kleenex.

Instead of packing for my trip home TOMORROW, I talked to my best friend for an hour and 6 minutes, combed my hair for 23 minutes, organized my iTunes for the trip and painted. I do this every time I have to go somewhere because packing is reeeeeally hard. I never know what kind of clothes I will need. What if I need formal attire for a last minute formal thing? What will I wear when I actually leave the house and go out in public and run the risk of bumping into an old boyfriend? And then there's the issue of forgetting things. Did I remember to bring enough glitter? Hairspray? Scarves? Do they have glitter, hairspray and scarves in Ohio in case I forget? See what I mean? Packing is scary.

Okay enough about the problems I face everyday.

Today I am thankful for:

1. My best friend Chels. We talked for an hour and six minutes tonight about how terrible packing is and boys.


3. New tires on my car.