The perfect Friday night.

Tonight I went to the Woods to make a gingerbread house with my favorites! The evening did not disappoint. I laughed the entire time at Eva (1) and Bella (6), they are so entertaining! We worked hard decorating while Eva ate every kind of candy on the table. We video chatted with the fam in Ohio who was also making a gingerbread house so we made it a contest, duh. Bella kept talking about how "this is a great idea for a Friday night!'. She's just the cutest and she is so grown up. Once we finished the gingerbread house, I spent the rest of the time chasing Eva around. When she said "READ! READ!" of course I had no other choice. She is so sweet and precious! She's got us all wrapped around her little finger. When it was time for me to go, I kissed her and said bye bye, she looked sort of confused. As I was saying goodbye to everyone else, I heard her little feet pitter-patter on the wood floor and I found her in the kitchen. She handed me her little ugg boots and I almost burst into tears right then and there. After she said, "lets go" in her sweet little voice I decided I would never leave in a million years. After Brittany assured me that she would be okay without me, I went ahead and left. But it was tough. Today I am thankful for..

1. Bells and Eves. They bring me so much joy!

2. Christmas cards.

3. Not setting an alarm tomorrow morning!