step by step.

So I just decided which Backstreet Boys lyrics will go on the back of my t-shirt for the concert tomorrow night and I'm currently listening to a mix cd from high school. Based on those two facts, one may think that next Wednesday is my 15th birthday or something. But you're wrong. It's my 20th b-day. Okay maybe not, but a lady never reveals her age (except for all the times I've mentioned it in previous posts). Besides, you're never too old for the NKOTB and Backstreet Boys concert and that's that. So anyway, mom and I made a wedding cake this past weekend! My cousin Noah married the sweetest gal Sarah on a farm last Saturday in Ohio. Sarah rode into the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage and it was such a fun party! Here is a picture of the cake just taken from my phone...Brittany was the photographer so someday I will put up a real photo.

Well Mama did the bakin' and I the decoratin'..okay so I'm still working on the jingle for our family bakery. It's just really hard to rhyme things with words like 'fondant' and 'ganache'. Just in case you don't speak 'jingle', mom baked all the cakes and I decorated them. For those of you who don't know my mama, she is the bomb dot com. Okay I'll stop with that now. But honestly. She can bake a million cakes while she folds the laundry and take my brother to his 17 baseball games and somehow she can still have a delicious meal on the table at dinnertime. Who knows how she does it. But when I got to Ohio I was able to get right to my favorite part of the cake process, decorating! And it was alot of fun!

Well, this time tomorrow I will probably be singing along to 'Quit Playin Games With My Heart' and yes, I still remember all the words.