Seven Things.

Happy Hump Day! Here are seven things I'm absolutely loving this week: 21914Rev

1. MAC Beauty Balm. I use this everyday as a moisturizer/primer. It's the first thing I put on my face after washing it in the morning and it helps my Studio Fix powder stay on really well. It's tinted and doesn't make me shiny. I just apply it with my fingers like I would my moisturizer.

2. Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind Bars. Seriously amazing. A convenient, not terrible for you snack. I am a big fan of the sweet/salty flavor and it only has one gram of sugar.

3. Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette. Hands down, the best colors I've ever owned. They're perfect for everyday or for a fancy party. Just what every girl needs.

COMING SOON: video tutorial of my everyday eyeshadow routine.

4. Countdown+ app for iPhone. Tim and I booked a trip to the beach and I have to know how many days/hours/minutes until we leave!!

5. Constant Comment Tea. I cannot get enough. I'm trying to cut back my coffee intake and this is the perfect substitute. My best friend Chelsea always drank this tea when we were roommates and I was hooked. The best way I can describe the flavor is it tastes like "Christmas in a cup" and there ain't nothin' wrong with that. mmmmmm.

6. "Hold your Horses" Print from Shop Dandy. It's officially on my wish list. It's so cute!

7. AKG Headphones. These are the headphones I use at work and I love them. Great sound quality and they're comfortable. My only complaint is that they mess up my hair most days but that's a girly problem and there's no being girly in video editing! (Yes there is.)

Okay so those are my favorite things this week. What are some things you love that are making your week better?