Recent Target Favorites!

I don't know about you gals but my weekend almost always includes a trip to Target. Weekends at my house also include about 32 cups of coffee, but who's counting. I start the coffee maker around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning and the party don't stop until Sunday at 4:30. Because 4:30 is my official caffeine cutoff time. Anyway. Back to the real topic here. Coffee creamer. Just kidding. I know it's Target but I also must add that my favorite coffee mug is actually from Target.

(I use organic half and half.)

Lately I have found some seriously adorable, useful, in-the-budget things at Target. Mayhaps my favorite thing...these notebooks. They're Rifle Paper Co. brand!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.21.36 AM

This is actually a pack of three so I have one for work, one for blog ideas and one for whatever I want! Maybe I'll turn it into an autograph book in case I have any celebrity encounters! I don't know! It's for whatever I want!

You can't get them online but they are in the store in that new gift aisle next to the greeting cards.


Also, how adorable is this camouflage sweatshirt!? I actually got this on the clearance rack for $8! It's perfect for the girl on the go. Wear it to brunch and then you'll be ready for your afternoon hunting excursion! I've always wanted to go hunting. My dad and brother wouldn't let me go with them because I "talk too much" and apparently that scares away the animals. Whatever. It's fine. They're not invited to brunch because they "don't talk enough".

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.23.01 AM


Tim and I got to the beach last week and realized we had no beach towels! Darn! I guess we have to go to Target! I said. I love this one:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.34.49 PM


I also snagged some of these makeup remover towelettes. They smell like pineapple. Yum!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.25.49 AM


And, last but not least, my leopard print flats! I love them and wear them with everything, even other leopard prints because in addition to talking too much I'm also tacky. Don't I sound like someone you'd like to be friends with? 

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.24.32 AM


And also, do you use the Cartwheel app?

You need to know about this if you don't.

If you download the Target app, there are mobile coupons on there as well. So with mobile coupons, Cartwheel savings, and the 5% you save with your Target debit card, your Target trip is practically free!!! Not really. But you might save like $2 and that is definitely something.

Okay ya'll, what are some of your recent Target finds?



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