Prepare to be Dazzled

Last week, I had the incredible privilege of going with our church youth group on a mission trip to Orlando, Florida. This was my first youth sponsor opportunity with this group, and it was exactly what my heart needed. We worked with three awesome organizations, Clean the World, No Child Hungry and My Neighbors Children. We packaged meals for children in Haiti, sorted soaps for impoverished parts of the world who don't have access to it and spent a day turning an old hotel suite into an office that will be used for the My Neighbors Children organization. Those kids worked hard and I was so honored to serve alongside them. I love trips like this because it's so important to take the time to serve others. But God also used this time away from the ordinary and day-to-day routine of my life to teach me some valuable lessons. He taught me things about myself and who I am. He taught me about how my negative thinking constantly brings me down. He protected me from negative thoughts and showed me what it's like to look at everything with fresh eyes. And He's still protecting me from negative thinking now that I'm home. Negative thoughts take a person who has every reason to be happy and makes them unhappy. Positive thinking changes everything!

Anyway. I saw this sign last week at McDonald's in Orlando and it's been my new motto ever since.

prepare to be dazzledSo instead of thinking, "Ugh this day is going to be hard and I'm tired and my jeans are tight and I don't want to get out of bed". I think "I wonder how I'll be dazzled today".