Makeup Tip Monday - my latest nighttime face ritual

Hey gals. This summer has really done a number on my face. Between the sun and the sweat and the pool chlorine and my husband's longer-than-usual-summer-vacation beard (I kiss him anyway), a girl can't catch a break. I have an oily forehead and super dry skin around my nose and mouth that is usually red and easily irritated by all things sulfate-filled (aka every single beauty product I use) and my mint toothpaste. IT'S SO ANNOYING. I've tried so many different things to combat this problem and I think I finally stumbled upon something that works.

Tim bought some essential oils a couple of months ago and one of the oils he bought was lavender. He also bought an oil diffuser and it has changed everything about my sleep life. We put it in our room every night with a few drops of lavender and I don't even remember falling asleep when I wake up the next morning. (Just picture Dorothy in the poppy field, that's me and lavender).

I think Tim is trying to make up for all the sleep I've lost due to his constant sleep walking and talking.

ANYWAY. It occurred to me that I should also put some lavender oil on my face because it has so many benefits for the skin. So, one night I decided to scoop out a tiny bit of coconut oil and I added a drop of lavender and rubbed it all over my face before I went to bed. When I woke up from my deep lavender sleep the next morning, I loved what I saw. Minimal redness and my skin was so smooth! So, I've done this lavender/coconut oil routine every night the past couple of weeks and I don't think I'll ever stop because I swear I look 27 again (nevermind that my 28th birthday was a month ago).

Here are some more detailed instructions:

•Put 1 teaspoon of coconut oil on the palm of your hand. •Add one drop of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil. •Rub your hands together to melt the coconut oil and mix the two oils. •Massage gently onto your beautiful face. •Fall asleep at the bathroom sink while cleaning the mixture off of your hands because lavender is magical.

The fifth step may vary for different people, the lucky ones will make it to bed first :)


I can't wait to see some beautiful no makeup selfies! After a week of this, you'll be glowing.