Jo Bros.

This just in.  Celebrity sighting.

Okay just kidding.  But I did spot Kelly Clarkson last week at Target.

Anyway.  Back to the Jonas Brothers.  Someone told me that "Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam" would be premiering this past Friday...because I never would have known that, unless my younger brother called to tell me or something.  I mean I wouldn't have planned my Friday night around watching the movie or anything like that...who cares if Joe Jonas is totally cute?  Me neither.

My dear friend decided to have a movie premiere slumber party for her daughter (what a great mom!!) so obvs, they needed a "Camp Rock 2" cake.  DUH.

Ya'll.  I cut out those letters free-hand with an exacto knife.  Don't even worry about it.

My fave part is the bottom...those little pink pearls are balls of fondant.  Not fon-DAUNT. it pronounced fondant or fon-DAUNT?  In my opinion, just because Buddy the Cake Boss says it don't make it right.  Thoughts?

Well I hope that everyone had a very happy labor day weekend!  I know I did.  Now I'm ready for fall!  Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and fall trees [fall trees=a christmas tree covered in fall darling roommates put one in our living room..feel free to decorate your own fall tree...i love it.]

Buttercream and Ganache,