Meet Bella.She's sweet, sassy, and now she's five.  FIVE.  She used to be a little tiny baby.  Now she's a big sister and she's starting kindergarten on Thursday.  KINDERGARTEN. Where does the time go?  [excuse me while I cry for three hours]. After mourning over the fact that she was no longer a baby, her mom, Brittany, planned a perfect fifth birthday party. Actually, I should mention that Brittany refuses to say that Bella is five, we all must instead say that she is 4+1, and understandably so!

This 4+1 birthday was quite the celebration, she had a perfect pool party with all of her friends.  So, I made her a cake.

Photo Cred. Brittany Wood  (

The cake was purple with hot pink hearts, DUH.  It was totally Bella and her mom found the most perfect Hello Kitty candle to top it off.  I LOVE making cakes for five year olds, they said the sweetest things to me!  One of the little girls said "Mom, we have GOT to get this recipe!". It was so presh.

Making this cake was fun from start to finish.  Mostly because I also love hot pink hearts and anything purple [Bella and I have alot in common, she's the only one who understands my enthusiasm for sparkles and ponies].

So there you have it, mom and nana..err I mean, folks.  A cutsey little cake for my little buddy Bella.  I would have shared it with you sooner but I have been quite a busy girl!  This has been such an exciting summer and I can't believe that it's almost over.  In no particular order, I went on a mission trip to New Mexico/spent the weekends with great friends/got into two minor car accidents/moved to a cool new neighborhood/turned 24...even though a stranger told me that I look 31 (is that true?)/went white water rafting (and survived)/Brittany had a new baby, Eva/and the list goes on and on.  I need one of those cheesy bumper stickers that says "life is good" or something.  Actually I'd rather have a bumper sticker that said "In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned", that one is my favorite.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice,