I Told You So.

Women (I) love being right. It's so funny. I feel like I would see it on TV or in movies when women would patronize their husbands when they were wrong. It seems kind of harmless when you see it happen in someone else's relationship but last night when I had my first "I told you so" moment, it hit me. I was in this instant battle between respecting my husband and saying whatever I felt like. This followed a somewhat heated debate, and by heated I mean, I was getting really upset and Tim was totally calm and kind. Once the issue was resolved, I wanted to say, "See honey, listen to me, I know stuff." I wanted to remind him that I had tried to tell him before. But why? What's the point in that? I realized that I was having a moment of selfishness. And guess what? There's no room for that in a marriage, especially when your apartment is like 600 square feet, there's no room for anything really. I know what will happen once I start to give in to these small moments of disrespect, it will become a bad habit. I should only build him up. I need to be his biggest fan. I don't need to tear him down when he's wrong. And men, they see things differently than we do. Men don't care about being right as much as they care about trying to take care of us and having the answer. Tim would never and has never said, "I told you so" because the motivation is different.

Gosh this post makes is sound like we had a really intense argument and I assure you we did not. It was more just a revelation that I had in a small situation. The men in our lives need respect. Even the ones that don't seem to deserve respect still need to be respected. Respect them and empower them until they become respectable. We women have that power. Let's use our power for good.