Gal's Brunch!

Last weekend, I had some very sweet ladies over to our apartment for brunch! Tim had a Saturday class so it was the perfect opportunity to break out the gold sequin table runner and call the girls! Brunch 1We have a tiny apartment so we don't have a proper table but who needs one when you can have a coffee table picnic.

P1000272editedI made funfetti donuts. My sweet little cousins Bella and Eva thought they were so cute. Here is the recipe.

I also made these sausage balls (with turkey sausage) and some hashbrown casserole. It was carb overload!


That's Eva and her second donut :) Sorry Brittany!P1000261edited

I whipped up some quick place cards. I used my new white speedball ink.




What's hilarious is that all of the girls (but one) thought that I wanted to have everyone over for brunch to tell them I was pregnant. Brittany even brought a gift! Haha. I'm not pregnant. But having brunch to make the announcement is a great idea. I'll have to remember that! But last week I just wanted to have a fun brunch, no baby announcement.P1000277editedBella found my straw stash. The girls had a heyday making super long straws to drink their orange juice with.


Then they jumped on the bed. P1000276edited

And my sister who goes to college here in town brought over her laundry, I love when she comes over.

It was the perfect Saturday! I think I'm going to do this more often.

What are some of your favorite brunch recipes?