Friday Favorites: Spring Break Edition

I hate packing. So much that I have dedicated entire blog posts to it. Okay maybe just one but before this turns into my second "I hate packing" post, let me just get to the goods. Tim and I are heading to the beach soon and I've started to think through the things I won't be able to live without while I'm there. Spring Break Essentials

1. A good book. I know I talk about The Pioneer Woman all the time but I promise you I wouldn't if I didn't think she was just the ultimate. She wrote a book about her incredible love story and its so good. It's called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

2. A cute headband. Because I'm going to have great beach waves from the sea salt and a headband is just the ticket. Okay who am I kidding when I go on vacation I get a break from blowdrying and styling and the headband at least gives the illusion that I put some effort into my appearance. I got this one at Francesca's.

3. Cute bathing suit! This one came from Victoria's Secret last year.

4. SealLine waterproof iphone pouch! This thing is amazing. It has a headphone jack so I can listen to my beach playlist and my iPhone is completely usable while in the pouch. I don't have to worry about sand getting in my phone!

5. Sunglasses. Duh. These are Betsey Johnson but they're a few years old.

6. Sun Bum sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important and this stuff smells incredible.

7. Beach shorts! I was at the mall this week and saw these at aerie and had to have them. They're the perfect shorts to wear to the beach over my bathing suit. And they're so soft! You can get them here.

Okay well I've got to get back to dreaming about the beach and warm weather.

What are your must-haves when you go to the beach?