cake pops and cupcakes.

Well, it's official. I am the worst blogger ever. I mean can I even consider myself a blogger? I think I have to blog at least 10 times a year to be an official blogger. Well, tonight is the night for my spring 2011 post. I just really feel inspired. Nothing makes me want to write more than the threat of a "rain-wrapped" tornado that I keep hearing about on the news. What is a "rain-wrapped" tornado anyway? Anywho. I made cake pops this past weekend for the bake sale at church and they didn't turn out too bad. I won't post a picture because I only took an instagram and it will just make my designer friends upset that I even bothered to put up a picture that I took with my iPhone. But I made some. And they were cute. I put pink sprinkles on them and tied little yellow bows around them.

I also made some cupcakes for our Easter supper on Sunday. They are hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting. While I was baking them, I felt like I was on one of those cupcake challenge shows where the people are racing against the clock and their challenge is to make like 8 different flavors of cupcakes and build a crazy display for the cupcakes. The only difference for me was that my challenge was baking while dancing to Mary Mary and getting ready to go to dinner with friends. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with hummingbird cake, you had better get that recipe and get to bakin'. In my quest to be a southern belle, I feel like these little cupcakes gave me like 150 southern points on my southern belle scorecard.

(Photo Cred Brittany Wood)

Speaking of southern belles, Country Strong is FINALLY on dvd. AND Friday Night Lights has begun. PTL. April is the best month ever. (Segues are clearly my strong suit)

Okay well I better go and figure out where my "tornado safe place" is in this old house. Pretty sure we don't have one but I'm gonna need to tell my nana that I thought through my emergency storm plan.