5 tips for newlyweds with the flu.

Tim and I have survived our first virus as husband and wife. Aww how cute! Actually there was nothing cute about it. The both of us were sick. Fever, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, having absolutely no energy and complete and utter boredom for 3 full days is just not my idea of a party. Not to mention the first night that the sickness set in and Tim got zero sleep and had a sleepwalking episode (which was absolutely TERRIFYING on my end) but that's another blog post. The real obstacle was all the downtime and not getting stir crazy in our tiny 700 square foot apartment. All that to say, I've come away from this experience with 5 very helpful tips that may prove beneficial to you. 1. Don't bother cooking. Two days into the quarantine, boredom really set in (we don't have wifi) and I had the urge and the energy to cook dinner.  It turned out beautifully but was a total waste of energy and resources. We couldn't taste a thing. The chicken broth I made for breakfast earlier that day got way more praise than the delicious pesto stuffed chicken I made for dinner.

2. Don't sleep near each other. Do yourselves a favor and don't annoy each other with your coughing and getting up all through the night. Sleep in separate rooms. Nobody wins if nobody gets any sleep.

3. Make sure you have a lot of reading material. You can't go out infecting everyone else because thats rude. You must stay home. And take it from me, sleeping until 11 and watching 6 hour-long episodes of Cold Case Files consecutively can put you into a deep depression and make you paranoid so I don't recommend it. Once I snapped out of the 'Cold Case Coma' as I like to call it (a different show came on), I read the last few chapters of The Selection and completed The Elite. If not for Prince Maxon and Lady America I may have gone insane with boredom. Just like with sleeping, I recommend reading in separate rooms. Again, another person's cough is annoying.

4. New brides, the flu is a great jumping-off point for re-incorporating unflattering sweatpants into your daytime wardrobe. I know our new husbands didn't know this side of us before our weddings because they were off playing golf when we were vegging out on the couch in our gray sweatpants but this is the perfect time for the truth. 

5. Take care of each other. One morning I came out into the living room where Tim was sleeping (coughing) and he looked terrible and miserable but the first thing he said was, "are you feeling okay honey?" and it may seem like a simple question to anyone else but to me it was another moment where he showed me that he puts my needs above his own. He's always doing that.

Oh yea, and don't forget to drink lots of liquids.