Being Thankful, Day 2.

Well it's a cold winters night and I am sitting in Panera next to my sister who is studying for finals from a huge accounting book. She just asked me if today was Monday and I said, "no it's Tuesday" (knowing that she'd freak because she'd think she had one less day to study). It's all in good fun.

Sorry Reebz. It's only Monday. You keep on studying so you can graduate and do my taxes every year.

So a homeless man just left here. He was sitting in a chair near the front door just trying to warm up for a minute and rest. I was suddenly aware that being warm in the winter is something I shouldn't take for granted.

Today, I am thankful for..

1. A warm home.

2. Grace.

3. A sister that I can be silly with and sing songs that are in the wrong key because we don't have a capo but we sing them anyway.


Merry Christmas!