Homemade Chicken Caesar Salad

Okay so I am enjoying the most delicious lunch today! Chicken Caesar salad! I'm literally eating while I write this I can't hear my own thoughts because I'm chewing on a crouton.

Last weekend we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with some wonderful friends and Tim and I split the Chicken Caesar salad. It was delicious and amazing and I've been wanting it for dinner again all week. So I took matters into my own hands and went to see if The Pioneer Woman had a caesar salad recipe, she did. That's always the first step in my kitchen, making sure whatever I'm cooking has a Pioneer Woman recipe. Anyway, I found her recipe and immediately got to work making croutons. So easy and delicious. Then I followed her recipe for caesar dressing and was so relieved when I realized I didn't have to touch anchovies. I'm okay with the idea of them being in the dressing on a salad that I order. I just don't think I can stomach the process of putting them in my dressing at home. Okay enough about that. I basically followed her recipe step by step except for the whole romaine leaves. I chopped mine up and tossed it in the dressing and a little olive oil. That way I could have some today too. I also made some chicken and it was super easy. I just used the same pan that I cooked the croutons in, splashed in little olive oil and tossed in the chicken on medium heat. I sprinkled a little Lawrys seasoned salt on both sides and cooked the chicken breasts for about 15 minutes. Then sliced it up and put it on the salad!

I'm terrified of killing my husband with undercooked chicken so I usually overcook it and it's gross, but not last night! It turned out great. And no one died.

This meal was so easy and so delicious. I absolutely love the dressing and the homemade croutons. Tim said they were the best croutons he ever had. I agreed! Thanks Pioneer Woman! 20140306-112358.jpg#TBT because I just ate that whole thing while I wrote this.

K love you bye!