Oh, Hey October!

Ya'll it's October and you know what that means. It's time for scarves and sweaters! Christmas Decorations! (at my house anyway) Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Catalyst Conference! Today, we'll be heading down to the ATL for the Catalyst conference and I am super pumped. Of course this required that I pack a bag for a few days, which is a very difficult task for a gal like me. And last night, I had no trouble putting off packing because there were so many other things I had to do (watch Gangnam Style 12 times/take a nap/read all 1405 of my tweets from the past two years). Nevertheless, I do in fact have a bag packed and ready to go. I have no idea whats in it but at least I'm not going empty handed. I do recall packing my airbrushed pony shirt, so there's always that.

Who's gonna be at Catalyst? I can't wait to stand in line for coffee and to hear Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and Jon Acuff! And Gungor!

Mkay bye.