Mule Day

If you've never been to Columbia, Tennessee for Mule Day, you're missing out. It's actually not just one day, it's seven. But we just went to one, we picked the day with the parade of course. Mules and horses as far as the eye could see, it was the best parade I'd ever seen. Then we headed over to the park where all the action was. I say we headed there but what I really meant was, we sat in traffic for an hour because everyone else who was at the parade was also headed toward the action. But it was just fine. The weather was nice and I was with two of my favorite men, my husband and my pappy and my favorite three year old, Eva. I also had the joy of taking Eva to her first port-a-potty. She thought it was "magic" that we didn't have to flush. Oh to see the world through a child's eyes. Anyway.

Pappy said he'd been wanting to go to Mule Day for 35 years. So finally the stars aligned and he was down here the same weekend and Tim and I had the high honor of accompanying him to his first Mule Day. And it was the best day. We watched the mule show and the mule pull where we saw mules try to pull 5,000 pounds! Then we ate all the terrible fair food. Eva had cotton candy, a corn dog, french fries and ice cream. Sorry Brittany! 


Oh hey mules, don't mind us.  


Eva wasn't scared and pet all of the animals. She's just like her Di Di.


It's a little teeny tiny mule!


If you're ever looking for Tim and Eva, they're probably climbing a fence somewhere. They were watching the mule show.


These two love each other! So sweet.

It was such a wonderful day and a wonderful memory! Can't wait for next year's Mule Day!