5 tips for having the best time at the monster truck rally.

If you look up the definition of true love, you will find that it means when your girl wants to see monster trucks, you take her to see monster trucks. Therefore, Tim took me to Monster Jam last month. Now if you're a lady like myself, you may have a difficult time preparing for such an event. Here are my top 5 tips for having the best time at the monster truck rally: 1. Ride to the event in a jeep. Preferably one that has a loudspeaker that makes animal sounds. This way when you're driving down the street, you can mooo at the pedestrians. It's fun for everybody involved. You can have some good ole American fun before you even get there. That's what we did and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

2. You don't want to wear nothin too fancy. You're gonna smell like dirt and exhaust fumes when you leave. I wore my airbrushed pony t-shirt.

3. Go with the right people. Friends who appreciate monster trucks and won't judge you when you're cheering loudly for Gravedigger the ultimate monster truck.

4. You most definitely need to be in the front row. This way when the wheels are spinning up the dirt, it hits you in the face.

5. Make posters for your favorite trucks. You know, ones that say "Gravedigger rules" etc. And be sure and use glitter. I didn't know to do this last time but gosh 2014 Monster Jam, Imma be ready.

Hopefully this helps.