Tiny Apartment Living - 7 Helpful Storage Tips

Tim and I live in a really tiny, one bedroom apartment and most days it feels like we're busting at the seams in every area of storage. We've had to get creative since we've run out of places to put things and when something doesn't have a place, it drives me crazy. It's amazing what a cute basket can do! So today, I am sharing seven cute, yet functional, ways we keep organized at home! 1. Throw Blanket Ladder.

Blanket Ladder

This idea I stole from my cousin Brittany. One day I went to her house and she had this cute old ladder with her blankets on it and I thought it was genius. We always have blankets around the living room and at one point they were folded up in a pile next to the couch. Now they're a part of the decor! Functional and decorative! We found this ladder used on a facebook for sale page in our town.

2. Coffee Table with Hidden Storage.

coffee Table

This coffee table was given to us by Tim's cousins and it works as a bookshelf, dinner table, media storage, craft table, nerf gun holder, desk and so much more. The top slides open to uncover a huge storage bin, and each side has a shelf for books. It's been a lifesaver. I don't know where we would put the many things that we store in here if we didn't have it.

3. Towel Rack Hanging Baskets.

Hanging Baskets

Okay so we have this towel rack above our commode and I don't know about you, but I don't want to hang my towel above the toilet and we don't have any decorative towels to hang, so when I saw this idea on pinterest I started looking for baskets immediately. All i did was weave some old fabric strips through the two corners on these baskets we found at Target and tied them tightly to the towel rack. It's a great way to store things like hairspray and lotions and we get so many compliments on these from guests.

4. Antler Jewelry Rack.

photo 2(1)

So I'm obviously all about decorative items that double as storage and this is my favorite thing. My daddy made this for me. Something tells me he didn't envision that I'd be hanging up my necklaces on these antlers when he got this deer on his hunt. Maybe someday we can have him guest post a DIY antler shelf tutorial!

5. Chalkboard Baskets/Bins.

sink basketThis one I keep next to the sink since I lack a drawer for my dishcloths.

coffee bin

My coffeepot and grinder are right next to the refrigerator so I keep this bin on top of the fridge. It's where I keep my coffee beans and filters.

We have several different bins and baskets like these around the house. I keep my calligraphy supplies and my crochet projects in other chalkboard bins. And I store our oils and vinegars in the pantry in another chalkboard basket. These are great because they look cute and they allow me to keep things out in the open, since I don't have extra cabinet or drawer space. I found these at the craft store and we used the wooden bins at the wedding, so I love that I get to use them again around the house.

6. Media Cabinet with Shutter Doors.

Media Cabinet

This is where we store our printer, modem, movies and all things electronic. We found this at Target and have been so happy with it.

7. Pantry Door Hanging Shelves.

Pantry Door Hanger

This thing has absolutely saved us. Our pantry is completely full and being able to put things on these shelves means we don't have things falling down on us every time we open the door. We can't store really heavy things on here but it works perfectly for our beans, nuts, foil, teas etc.

Without these seven solutions, tiny apartment living would be a little tougher for us. Hopefully these help you too!