Summer. Please come soon.

It's freezing outside. It's raining. And there's only one thing to do before S.A.D. kicks in, think about summer things. So, here are the top ten things I love about summer:

10. Summer isn't winter.

9. June is my favorite month and ironically, it happens in the summer.

8. Watermelon.

7. Sunshine = suntan.

6. Cute sundresses! I want this one.

5. Picnics at Arrington.

4. Glitter Unicorn Party (2013 date TBA)


3. Horseback riding!

2. Laying by the pool!

1. Lake days!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes summer awesome. Now back to the previously programmed season, winter.

Misadventures in Dating - Part 3

I seem to always be that girl who has something in her teeth or spills something on her shirt in public. I suppose it's just part of my charm.  So, my next story isn't about the boy that I am out to dinner with, rather, it's about me. Unfortunately.

I was at dinner, sitting across the table from a very handsome boy. I had a cold, so the entire time I was sniffling, and I'm sure I was talking way too much. I was in the middle of what was probably a very exciting story of something that had happened that day, most likely involving glitter, when he stopped me. "Di" (he calls me Di, I think that's sweet) "Di, you have something in your nose." He handed me a napkin.

What!? OH NO, what do I do! This is embarassing. Should I just leave? Walk away? Can I recover from something so mortifying?! (As you can tell, my inner monologues are terribly dramatic.)

But, of course, I play it cool. Okay, who am I kidding? I had a booger in my nose. There was absolutely no way to play it cool. The only thing that made me feel a little less embarrassed was the fact that he was in school to become a Physician's Assistant at the time so he was used to seeing boogers in people's noses. So, we laughed about it for a little while, and then went back to dinner as usual. And that was the last time I went out with a boy when I had a cold. I also cancel dates if I sneeze at least once the week before. Okay maybe not, but a gal can never be too careful about such things.

I'm obsessed.

With nail polish. And glitter. Seriously. There's nothing better than sending an email with a glittery manicure. It's the little things. Thanks to pinterest, I was inspired to paint my nails and then add loose glitter for some extra flair..Here are a couple of my favorite 'Glitta-cures' (glitter+manicure) that I've done so far.. This first one is "Christmas eve party meets first snowfall". I call it "Mistletoe Mishap"

This next one is affectionately named "unicorn". The kittens were added later with my favorite app of all time CATPAINT (you can add CATS to any photo!).

I know what you're thinking. That has to take 6 hours to do! And you're right. It does. Just kidding. You can do it in no time at all. Here's how:

You'll need your favorite polish/glitter color combo, I chose Sally Hansen's "Without a Stitch" and fine silver glitter. You'll also need a paintbrush for applying the glitter and a good topcoat to finish.

Apply two coats. Then the fun part..dip your paintbrush in the glitter..

Lightly press the glitter onto your nail (while the polish is still wet)

You'll get glitter everywhere. It's awesome.

Disclaimer: it's really hard to apply the glitter and take a photo with your iPhone at the same time. Don't try that at home. I was literally holding the paintbrush in my teeth.

Tada! This one is called "Champagne and Ballet Slippers". It's my favorite.

Love you forever.