The Icing on the Cake!

I love to bake cakes for the people that I love and icing the cake is my favorite part. Today, I have a video tutorial on how I ice my cakes using a Wilton icing spatula. The cake recipe that I used can be found here and the icing recipe can be found here. Last night, we got to celebrate Tim's grandma Nell's birthday. This cake was for her and it was delicious. It's a pretty rich cake and we served it with fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. It sliced beautifully. I love it when that happens.

Chocolate Cake

Watch the tutorial here:


Happy Wednesday!



Christmas Cookies!

My mom LOVES Christmas. She always did the best job at making this time of the year so special for us. One of my favorite things she did with us was baking sugar cookies! We'd get out the amazing metal cookie cutters and cover the kitchen table in flour, then we'd roll out the dough with Grandma's glass rolling pin and the fun would begin! (The stars were my favorite so we always ended up with lots of those.) Then mom would whip up her incredible buttercream frosting in red and green and we'd try not to eat every single cookie we decorated. She stored them in the fridge which was my favorite part because it think they're the best when they're cold. It always seems like I run out of time and I have to skip the baking part of the Christmas season but this year I refused to skip it, so we baked them on Wednesday and I stayed up super late Thursday after a Christmas party decorating them. I used royal icing because I knew some cookies would have to travel. I was looking for sugar cookie recipes and came across the pioneer woman's sugar cookie post. She's my hero so if she has or suggests a recipe for something I want to make, I go with it every time. Here's what I used:

almond sugar cookies

royal icing

I used a piping bag and outlined the cookies with icing then thinned it out a bit and spread it on the rest of the cookie. Decorating is my favorite part!!

20131224-160735.jpg They turned out beautifully and were a real crowd pleaser! I loved the hint of almond in the sugar cookie dough.


Paint Horses and Cupcakes

Saturdays are my favorite days. I get up early to meet my friends Chance (the paint horse) and Laura (my riding teacher) for my barrel racing lesson. Then, as if it couldn't get any better, I pick up my BFF Bella for our weekly adventure to the donut palace where she fills me in on all of the first grade happenings over chocolate milk and sprinkle's the best. Then I usually go home and take a nap, but this past saturday I baked some cupcakes instead! And it was fun! My gal Tanielle (We call Danielle 'Tanielle' after spring break 2008, which was later shortened to 'Tans', because who has the time to say every syllable in life?) well anyway, she turned 25 last week so we were going to be celebrating her birthday and what's a bday party without cake!?

Strawberry and Chocolate Mint, both with marshmallow fluff buttercream frosting.  YUM.  Now I know what you're all did you get the mint flavor Ms. Key Ingredient? Well world. I'll tell you. It wasn't easy. Just kidding. I chopped up Andes mints and folded them into the batter, and they melted while they were baking, and when they came out of the oven the flavor was so minty and so chocolatey all at the same time! Wham Bam. Happy Birthday Tans.

Also, here are some better shots of the wedding cake mom and I made this summer. Thanks Brittany Wood Photography!!

Here is the cake...

The cake and I...I just had to get a picture with the cake in the barn. 

So that's all.