Our Visit to The Bobby Bones Show.

Tim and I are doing a "stay-cation" this week and Nashville has to be the best place to explore. A few things on the staycation to-do list is to get a cortado from Crema, go hiking at Edwin Warner park, eat at Josephine in 12th south and the number one thing that I ABSOLUTELY HAD to do was sit in on The Bobby Bones Show. So we did. It was my birthday wish and it came true. photo 2

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Bobby Bones Show, you best familiarize yourself. It is a country music radio show and it's so much fun. Visiting the show was even more fun and really the only thing I'll get up early and curl my hair for on vacation.

We waited in the lobby for our turn to go in and Cruz came out and got us. Cruz is the head of security a.k.a. "The Bobby-Guard". He gave us some instructions and walked us back into the studio. We sat behind Lunchbox, who is the hilarious one on the show.

I was completely starstruck when I saw Bobby. And so was my husband.


No shame.

Anyway. It was so amazing getting to see behind the scenes of the show I listen to every morning when I wake up. Everyone was really nice too! This was one of the coolest things we've done in Nashville. The only bummer is that Amy wasn't in the studio that day. She was the one I was looking forward to meeting the most! Maybe we can photo-shop her into this awesome picture.

photo 3If you're ever in Nashville and you love The Bobby Bones Show, I highly recommend you try and visit. You can sign up on their website and they respond really quickly.

Okay, now I'm off to the pool because that's what we do on a Tennessee Pretty Stay-cation.

Also, what's everyone doing tomorrow for the fourth?




The Rodeo Came to Town!

One of my favorite things to do every year is go to the Franklin Rodeo. This year I got to take Tim, it was his first rodeo and we had a big ol' time. 20140519-215620-78980657.jpg

Tim had never experienced the excitement of watching the bull riders and let me tell you, it was definitely exciting! Of course, my favorite event is barrel racing. And I love to sit near the chutes so I can see all the action.


"...it's the ropes and the reins and the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo." That song has got to be stuck in a cowboy's head the whole time he's at a rodeo. Am I right?


This weekend, I'm going to have Tim sit down with me and watch one of my favorite movies, "8 Seconds". He's never seen it. I'll have the kleenex ready.

Have you ever been to a rodeo?


Tennessee Pretty's Very First Giveaway!

Pool season is here and every gal needs something cute to drink her sweet tea from while she's sitting poolside. How perfect is this mason jar tumbler by mudpie?! Jar Giveaway

It comes with the most adorable tea towel inside that says, "Southern girls like sunshine and sweet tea". Ain't that the truth!

photo 2

Here's the good news! This adorable tumbler and tea towel set is the first giveaway here at Tennessee Pretty! All you have to do is subscribe to Tennessee Pretty to enter. Simply type in your email address in the box on the right sidebar on the homepage where it says, "Join the mailing list!" and press subscribe. You will then receive an email to confirm your subscription. Don't forget to confirm or you won't be entered to win! The winner will be chosen at random on Friday at 6 P.M.

To everyone who has already subscribed, you're already in the drawing!

Sweet Tea and Sunshine,