He liked it. So he put a ring on it.

I thought I'd jump back into my blog and share some updates since I last posted. Here's one...OH I GOT ENGAGED IN MAY AND THE WEDDING IS IN A MONTH. NBD. I plan on posting some wedding DIY projects and sharing some hilarious stories of things we've encountered throughout this engagement but I thought I'd start here. With the proposal. Because that's when this whole wedding thing began.

Well. It was a Saturday like any other. I woke up and spent the morning/afternoon with my sister and my cousin Brittany. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Tim was at the graduation ceremony at the high school where he worked and I wasn't sure what time I'd even see him. We had plans to go to a birthday party and then to Arrington Vineyard to spend some time with his family. I spent most of the afternoon sick with a headache and really just wishing I could stay in bed. But I blowdried my hair anyway and put on my makeup and he picked me up for the birthday party. He was totally normal didn't seem nervous in the least. We had a great time at the party with friends and I should have been suspicious when he finds me and tells me it's time to go. He never knows when it's time to go, he never knows what time it is.


We were off to the grocery store to pick up some snacks on our way to the vineyard and I say, please can you just take me home, I really don't feel well and I don't want to wear this. Just drop me off and go without me. He tells me we don't have to stay long. I continue to beg. We proceed to the store. And this should have been my second clue because we were only supposed to be getting food for ourselves and yet he put bags and bags of pretzel crisps, a million vegetables, tons of cheese and 3 packs of hummus in the basket. I don't even like hummus. I asked him who was going to eat all of the hummus and reminded him that his mom was bringing sandwiches, he proceeded to buy more hummus.

We get to the vineyard and are greeted by his family, we were the last to arrive. We're just standing around making small talk and then as soon as I started wondering where Tim disappeared to, he came walking up. And then came a man who I think worked at the vineyard but he was holding a bottle that said "Will you marry me?" and by the time I realized that Tim was proposing, he had led me to the front of the stage and I turned around only to see my FAMILY from OHIO. And my best friends and so many people that I love. I was in shock. And then he got down on his knee and he looked so handsome. And then I saw THE RING. And then he ASKED ME. Then I said YES! And thank goodness the band gave him a microphone so I can listen to the proposal over and over again. You can hear the whole thing on the video below (someday I'll get around to editing it). It was the perfect day. I still can't believe it was real. And I still can't believe that this incredible man wants to marry me.

He is my treasure. I can't get over the thought that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.