The summer essential we all need.

I know you're probably tired of hearing me talk about CC cream but I'm telling you gals, this stuff is awesome. You know when you come in from a day in the sun and your face is a little pink? And for me, I get a very uneven tan on my face that leaves me looking splotchy. It's hard to make my makeup work in the summer sometimes and CC cream is what I've been needing all along. Now I use MAC but I know there are some more affordable versions out there so give it a try! This is what I look like with a sunburn and nothing on my face but CC cream: 20140602-074741-28061988.jpgAlso, today is the LAST DAY to enter the Origami Owl giveaway! It ends at midnight!

Happy Monday gals!



Makeup Tip Monday - Lipliner

Ya'll. This past summer I started using lipliner and I LOVE it. I believe that lipliner is the most under-appreciated product at the makeup counter and I can't wear lipcolor without it. Typically, lipliner is applied first and then lipstick on top. I prefer to apply the lipstick and then line my lips because I hate it when the lipliner gets all over my actual lipstick and affects the color.  



Lipstick - You're Perfect Already

Lipliner - Whirl

Love Ya'll