Facebook and Felicity

Okay so earlier this summer I was totally drawn into the late 90s TV series 'Felicity' thanks to my good friend Katie. I couldn't stop watching. It reminded me of all the terrible things we used to wear back then, like sleeveless turtlenecks and choker necklaces.  The characters are great, the storyline is riveting and Ben is soooo cute. But perhaps the most fascinating thing of all is the fact that Felicity is never checking her iPhone. While I was watching, it always took me a second to figure out why some people didn't have computers and why they communicate via phones with cords that were attached to the wall! I mean we had landlines in our rooms but they only rang when we were being prank called from the boys dorm. And I can't help but envy Felicity a little. I mean, what was college like in this pre-facebook, pre-cellphone era? It seems like Felicity and her friends never got distracted from studying, because they weren't constantly instant messaging or checking their Facebook. I shudder to think about all of the hours I spent playing Jetman on Facebook rather than studying. But at first, Facebook was so exciting. I was able to keep in constant contact with my college friends and keep up with my friends back home. But where's the mystery? Now I never feel the need to catch up with people when I go home because I already know everything that is going on in their lives including what they had for dinner last night, come on ya'll. And then there's the cell phone. I know I can't live without my phone, but how amazing was it to not be so available all the time? To not know whether Ben or Noel, Felicity's two boyfriends, would be on the other end of the line when it rang. Such a foreign thought! Well enough about that. I'm gonna go scroll through my instagram feed and write on some timelines because that's just the world we live in.

Puppies and Rainbows,