My favorite year

For me, October 12th used to be just an ordinary day. But now, October 12th is a magical day filled with the sweetest memories and the promise of a lifetime spent with my Tim. And honestly, before I married him, most days were ordinary just like October 12th used to be. Someone just asked me this past week how I was liking marriage. My response was, it's such an amazing thing! Having Tim to share each day with makes every moment special. Cooking dinner together in the kitchen, going to the grocery store. Ordinary, everyday moments are magical now. Our first year of marriage was spent learning how to live with each other and love each other well and I know that the next 70 years we will do the same.

I can't believe this day was a year ago! It was such a gorgeous day in Franklin, TN and It was the perfect day to start my favorite year.

IMG_1405(Photo by Megan Hill)


1401834_608846102173_1129460131_o(Photo by Megan Hill)


(Photo by Megan Hill) IMG_7719(Photo by Brittany Wood)

IMG_1410(Photo by Megan Hill)

883485_608834984453_1979526501_o(Photo by Megan Hill)

893885_608846466443_1107719376_o(Photo by Megan Hill)

Okay, I'm going to go drink my coffee, listen to this song and look through our wedding hashtag photos on instagram now. Happy Sunday everyone!