I use all of the bandaids.

bandaids One of my marriage expectations was completely shattered when I was making a pie for Thanksgiving last year. As I was slicing the apples, I cut my finger and it was bleeding pretty badly. We had only been married for a month, but my expectation was that my husband would run to my rescue. He would grab the bandaids and the neosporin and hold me close and tell me I would be okay.

What I didn't know is that I also shattered one of his expectations of me that day. He thought that I would be tough and not a total baby when I got hurt. Because that's who I was when we were dating. I was tough and independent and would laugh in the face of pain. But the reality was, I am totally squeamish when I see blood and it really makes me want to faint. It was a total fluke that I had never injured myself when we were together, I'm very clumsy. I only fell up the stairs once on a date and I consider that a win.

So when I cut my finger, I freaked out a little and then said "Tim, please can you get me a bandaid?" he went to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit, all the while talking to me about some DVD we had. He was completely missing the fact that I was pale faced and laying on the floor because I started to feel faint. Tim comes back to the kitchen, sees me on the ground and says, "What are you doing? You're getting blood on the floor!". He's also a bit of a clean freak, obviously.

Luckily, after that day, he learned that I needed a little more sensitivity when I get hurt and I learned to not be so dramatic. I've cut myself a few more times since then and he's always ready with a bandaid and a reminder that he should chop up the vegetables.