Becoming a morning person. (Written by a night owl.)

Morning Person I can still hear the frustration in my mom's voice when she'd yell down the stairs into my basement bedroom to try and wake me up for school. I always ignored my alarm clock. I didn't mean to upset her. I was just caught somewhere between being completely unconscious and wondering how it can possibly be time to wake up already! I was tired so naturally, I would gravitate toward the snooze button. This behavior has continued into adulthood.

I had just accepted the fact that sleeping until the very last minute was part of my human condition. It seemed impossible to change. I never felt rested and ready to wake up when my alarm clock went off and I thought that meant I needed a few more minutes. Every morning really just consisted of me rushing around trying to get out of the door on time, even on the weekends. I was like a zombie until I had two cups of coffee. Not a great way to start the day.

Then I got married and thought, OMG it's my chance to be a morning person! It's impossible to keep sleeping when my husband is awake! We can talk about our feelings and our schedules for the day over breakfast every morning! I'll make eggs!

Yea. Right.

So recently, I started waking up 30 minutes earlier than I was used to. It changed everything.

I have time to make fresh ground coffee and get caught up on current events and the olympics with my friends in the channel 4 newsroom. I have a few more minutes to stare lovingly at my handsome husband before he leaves for the day. He hates when I do that.  I have time to enjoy the morning light that pours into our tiny apartment. It makes my day so much better.

Mornings! Whoohoo!! (I never thought I'd say that).

If I can make this change, I think anyone can.

Want to break up with the snooze button? Here are 4 helpful tips on becoming a morning person:

1. Start small. Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier the first few days. Then increase it slowly. Don't press snooze!

2. Have a ritual. Something you look forward to when you get out of bed. For me, it's turning on the coffee grinder and pouring myself some cereal while the coffee brews. Then I take in the aroma and act out the Folgers commercial about the irish dancer. (Okay not really)

3. Keep it going on the weekends. Plan to wake up around the same time you do during the week, this way it doesn't throw everything off.

4. Stare at your husband. Or a photo of someone you wish was your husband if you don't have one.

Hope this helps like it helped me!