"Smile and Be Kind"

My dad is the best at finding adventures. When I'd get into his truck, I had no idea where we'd end up and I loved days like that. Sometimes we'd go drop in on relatives or friends, sometimes we'd go fishing, sometimes we'd go to the cemetery, sometimes we'd just go driving but we always ended up stopping to fill up with gas and to buy a chick-o-stick our favorite candy. I have a million memories of sitting in the passenger seat riding around with dad and I'm fond of them all. He taught me how to travel and he introduced me to Tennessee. I always knew I'd end up down here after many trips from our home in Ohio to Muddy Pond, Tennessee every summer. He taught me how to not get lost in the woods and to love the land. He taught me to love music and encouraged me constantly to sing. (Sidenote: he has great taste in music and chose a Wilco song for our dance at my wedding).  He puts everyone above himself and he taught me how to have integrity. He's always looking for adventure and I wish I was more like that. Out of all the memories, this one is my favorite.



And he gives the best advice.

"You've just got to smile and be kind. And I bet if you got up and sang a song everybody would really like it."

He said that to me once and it stuck with me. It seems to apply to every situation and I love to sing so there's that.

I'm a lucky girl to have the dad I've got and I thank the Lord everyday.

What's your favorite memory of your dad?