Seclusion and missing out on miracles.


We, as humans, aren't meant to carry our burdens alone. We can't, we aren't strong enough. I've really only figured this out in the past couple of years. I have always claimed that I trusted God with everything, but I didn't really live it. I felt like I needed to do it all on my own. I did this by hiding my struggles and pretending everything was fine all the time. And by concealing these burdens, I often missed out on the opportunity to have real genuine friendships and community and most importantly, I didn't give God the opportunity to bless me through other people and experiences. I am so thankful for the ways that God has humbled me these past couple of years. Through challenging times, I was able to see all kinds of miracles happen. Like when I was having never-ending car trouble and I was anonymously given money to buy a new one. Or when I wasn't sure where to live and the most amazing family invited me into their home and it was the most incredible experience that happened at the most perfect time.

I tell you these things not only to share the importance of surrendering everything to God and sharing your heavy load. But I also want to remind you how important it is to be vulnerable and genuine. Let the people you're close to know the good, bad and ugly (make sure you only share with people that you can trust). This opens you up for God to pour blessings and wisdom on you through the people around you. When we carry our own burdens it's like locking the door and boarding up the windows letting nothing out, and in return, letting nothing in. Don't seclude yourself in times of trouble. There will be moments in your life when you need people and there will be moments when people will need you. We all have to be available for these moments.