Music Video Review - Payphone

So I finally got around to watching the video for 'Payphone' by Maroon 5, hoping it would shed some light on why exactly Adam Levine was talking on a payphone in the first place. Thankfully, in the very first scene you see him standing in front of a burning car, frustrated that his cell phone is broken. Oh so that's why he needs a payphone. His car caught on fire and broke his iPhone. Solved it.Except the questions don't stop there. Next, you see a flashback of Adam at work in a bank. There is a shot of his obvious love interest (maybe the person he is talking to on the payphone?) At first you think this video might be cute like the Taylor Swift video that ends with Matt Saracen coming home from war. But then suddenly the bank robbers bust in. So predictable. Not.  Then of course Adam grabs a gun and proceeds to narrowly escape the bank, with his girl.

But here's where it gets confusing. They run out of the bank and then they just keep running. And then they run from the cops. And then Adam leaves the girl and steals a roadster from his buddy Wiz Khalifa. Naturally, a high speed chase ensues. Helicopters. Mounted Go Pro shots in the car. Adam driving like a maniac. But then suddenly Wiz appears in what seems to be the scene of the crash where the video began. He doesn't seem angry about the car so that's good. Adam then pulls a maneuver that sends a cop car into the air spinning three times landing in flames, thus ending the chase. But what happens next is perhaps the most puzzling moment of all. You see an over the shoulder wide shot with Wiz watching as Adam slowly drives the roadster under the bridge.

This begs the question, did Wiz know this was what would happen all along?

What exactly did happen?

Just after this shot, Adam exits the car and it explodes. But don't worry, there's a payphone. Maybe that's why Wiz is watching Adam, he's like the fairy godmother except with payphones and not ball gowns. No? Me neither. 

And the mystery remains.

And who is he talking to on this payphone?

I say he's calling his mom to pick him up. Dude clearly needs a ride.