So, it's just a typical Monday night.  Just finished watching the Bachelor and now I'm reading about walking pneumonia on wikipedia.  Why?  Because I'm a hypochondriac.  And also, I sound like a mixture of a 70 year old man and barking dog and I'd really love to know why. Anyway.  The good news is, I have kept my new years resolution so far!  What is it you ask?  Well, this year I decided to resolve to do something that I already do anyway, to not put my laundry away once it's folded.  It's a win-win.  If I don't put it away, I keep my resolution.  If I DO put it away, it's put away.  I'm just sorry I didn't think of this before.

Something that I didn't resolve to do this year was to put my car in reverse and then get out of the car only to realize that the car was still in reverse. I'm not saying that I actually did that, Dad.  But hypothetically speaking, wouldn't it be so funny if I did something like that?  I mean, what if I started my car and then threw it in reverse.  Then maybe what if my car door wasn't shut properly and the only way to get the latch to work was to open the handle from the outside.  What if?  And then perhaps I got out of the car because my short little arm couldn't reach around to get the outside door handle.  And then if I were to nearly be knocked over by the car that was going in reverse while no one was in the driver seat.  That would be so crazy if my Monday morning actually went like that.  Or maybe it did and I'm too embarrassed to admit it.

Now I'll go fold my laundry.  But I won't put it away :)