Misadventures in Dating - Part 3

I seem to always be that girl who has something in her teeth or spills something on her shirt in public. I suppose it's just part of my charm.  So, my next story isn't about the boy that I am out to dinner with, rather, it's about me. Unfortunately.

I was at dinner, sitting across the table from a very handsome boy. I had a cold, so the entire time I was sniffling, and I'm sure I was talking way too much. I was in the middle of what was probably a very exciting story of something that had happened that day, most likely involving glitter, when he stopped me. "Di" (he calls me Di, I think that's sweet) "Di, you have something in your nose." He handed me a napkin.

What!? OH NO, what do I do! This is embarassing. Should I just leave? Walk away? Can I recover from something so mortifying?! (As you can tell, my inner monologues are terribly dramatic.)

But, of course, I play it cool. Okay, who am I kidding? I had a booger in my nose. There was absolutely no way to play it cool. The only thing that made me feel a little less embarrassed was the fact that he was in school to become a Physician's Assistant at the time so he was used to seeing boogers in people's noses. So, we laughed about it for a little while, and then went back to dinner as usual. And that was the last time I went out with a boy when I had a cold. I also cancel dates if I sneeze at least once the week before. Okay maybe not, but a gal can never be too careful about such things.