We Completed the Detox!

Well, I'm about to go to bed and we're officially finished with the detox! It's been 21 days and I'm so happy we did it. Major takeaways: - Eating more vegetables definitely makes me feel better and healthier. (Mom was right all along). - I can survive a day without coffee. I can survive 21 days without coffee! - I've learned a lot of great recipes and adapted some healthy habits that I intend to continue. - Discipline is really just a couple of days away. It was tough to get started but after a couple of days, it was so much easier. - I seriously HATE raw broccoli.

Tim and I were talking about what changes we're going to continue once this detox was over and we both agree that eating a serving of raw vegetables a day was a no-brainer. I intend to really continue eating healthy from here on out and I'm going to focus on the foods that I know make me feel good, healthy and light.

Thank you for following along throughout this!

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