Detox Update: The Roadtrip

When I think about road trips, I think about three things: 1. Mixed CDs

2. Junk food and Starbucks

3. Twizzlers or Red Vines (yes they get their own number)

So when Tim and I left for a trip last Friday, I was a little nervous because it was only day 4 of our detox. Numbers 2 and 3 were completely out of the question.

Going into it, I thought the biggest challenge would be going to a wedding where there would be so much delicious food. But the real challenge was actually the drive to Ohio. Stopping to eat on the way to Ohio is basically the only way to get through the six hour trip. Without having that to break it up, we had to improvise. So we played 20 questions and snacked on carrots. Then we sang 'Let it Go' because they play it on the radio in Kentucky. And we didn't stop at the Starbucks where we always stop (that was REALLY sad). But we did make it there in record time. So there's that.

Before we hit the road, I ate a smoothie and half a sweet potato with raw butter and a dash of cinnamon. Tim ate asparagus and quinoa. Then we packed a cooler with carrots, broccoli, grapes, watermelon, oranges and apples.

Fruits and veggies for the road.

Saturday morning, we had a smoothie. Then I whipped up some of the stir fry and quinoa I mentioned before and we ate that before we left for the wedding. At the wedding, we had some raw fruits and vegetables and then when we got home we were starving so we each had quinoa and half an avocado. Sunday morning, we made a smoothie and hit the road with our cooler packed with more fruits and veggies.

We did it! And we're both feeling great!

Also, here is my favorite photo from the weekend. Don't I have the most handsome husband!?