Detox Day 4 Check In

Okay so it's day 4 of this detox and it really seems like the worst is behind me! Which is amazing! I woke up yesterday feeling awesome and I didn't have a headache! I think I've been having headaches because of the coffee withdrawals but I think I'm finally getting over that. I should really think about not doing coffee again after this. Okay yea right. Last night I made a delicious dinner! It was stir fried vegetables and quinoa. So simple. I chopped up an onion, some sweet peppers, carrots and broccoli and put it in a pan with coconut oil. I let them cook just a few minutes so I didn't lose the beautiful color and then I finished it wish a splash of balsamic vinegar. Then I served it on top of some quinoa that I cooked in vegetable stock instead of water. Tim was skeptical of the balsamic but once he tasted it he loved it.

Okay look how delicious! So many colors!


We're heading to Ohio this evening for my cousin's wedding. It's going to be a challenge on the road, but we can handle it. We'll be packing up our Blendtec so we can have delicious smoothies all weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!



(I adapted my stir fry recipe from the book 1 Degree of Change: A Guide to the 21-Day Purification Program by Georgia Nab, DC, ACN)