Detox Check-In Day 19!!

Okay! The HOME STRETCH. I've only got two and a half days to go! I have to be honest, I am so ready to be finished. Mainly just because I'm DYING for coffee, I woke up today wanting a cup so badly. Saturdays are my days to brew a pot of coffee and sip all morning. I thought about cheating and brewing some, but then I remembered that I'm almost finished and it's going to make that first cup on Tuesday so much better! I was feeling so strong I actually went to Frothy Monkey (one of my favorite coffee shops in Franklin, TN) with my gal pal Mal and only drank water. It feels like a major accomplishment. Frothy Monkey!

This detox has really been so great. I feel so much better, lighter and less groggy. I plan to really continue eating pretty similarly to the way we have been only with more eggs and the occasional cheese. Oh and the coffee. In moderation of course. What is the one thing you would have the most trouble doing without for 21 whole days?