Weekend project: plant your own seedlings

Tim and I have been working on our garden these past few weeks and it's got me so excited about having our own supply of fresh veggies right in our backyard! Now, I don't consider myself a gardener by any means. In fact, I have successfully killed every plant I've ever been responsible for. That's why I love these little eggshell seedlings. They're foolproof! We planted them last weekend and they're already sprouting.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Clean, empty eggshells
  • Egg holder
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Seeds of your choice

1. Prepare your eggshells. When you're making breakfast, carefully crack the top off of the eggshell. Then, I soaked mine in water to make sure that the shell is completely clean and laid them out to dry. Tim and I are doing Whole30 right now so we had enough eggshells in a couple of days to make seedlings for our entire garden :) Okay maybe it was more like a week. We eat ALOT of eggs while doing Whole30 but that's a whole other blog post.

2. Fill with soil. Fill each eggshell to the top with soil. You can either carefully fill them using a spoon or you can do what Tim did and just pour soil over all of the eggshells and make a huge mess. Either way works. 

3. Plant your seeds! Follow the instructions on your seed packet on how deep the seed needs to be planted. This is where your manicure will get a little dirty. It's okay though.

4. Mist with water. Be sure to keep the soil moist every chance you get. I spray ours at least twice a day.

Once your seedlings have grown, you can plant them in your garden, eggshell and all!

How handsome is this mini-farmer!?

Happy planting!