My 6 Tips For Making Poured Icing Sugar Cookies

If you aren't following me on instagram, first of all, shame on you. Second, you may have missed the Valentine's Day cookies I made this weekend! I've received several comments/messages asking me how to make these babies so that's what this post is all about.

First things first. Bake at 350 is my go-to cookie resource. She taught me everything I needed know about cookies and I've never even met her. My absolute favorite sugar cookie recipe is her vanilla-almond sugar cookie. When I make sugar cookies, those are the ones I make. I also always use her royal icing recipe.  Her posts are so helpful and contain all the information you'll ever need. But, if you're like me, you skim things and don't have much patience so here are a few stand out tips/lessons I've learned in the times that I've made these cookies.

1. Don't over-beat the royal icing. Once you pipe it on and it dries, it will crumble off of the cookie in some spots if you've over-beat the icing.

2. Set aside at least 3 hours.

3. Don't miss her tip that says to leave the cookies out overnight so the icing dries. Your instincts will tell you to cover them so they don't get stale but don't. You don't want to spend hours decorating cookies that don't end up drying. It sucks. Not that I know from experience because I never make mistakes when it comes to having patience. That was a joke by the way. And no, the cookies won't go stale.

4. Meringue powder can be found at Michael's.

5. Buy several piping tips and couplers. Also, buy the disposable piping bags. You're going to want to have a piping bag for each color that you use.

6. Don't be afraid to add more water to your icing for flooding. If you don't know what flooding is, it's where you thin out the icing after piping the edges and then fill in the center like so...

Please pardon the terrible lighting/quality of that video. :)

So, between reading the Bake at 350 posts and my tips, you'll be a pro at making poured icing sugar cookies. And give yourself grace the first few times you make them but I promise you can do it. It's a learning experience!

Also, be sure and order a unicorn cookie cutter like mine. It's my favorite.

Comment below if you have any more questions!