Making Changes

I’m nine months postpartum and I’ve never been more miserable in my own skin. I’ve wanted to do something to change it almost every day since JB was born but I realize now that I need some accountability. So, I’ve decided that starting September 1st, I’m going to post my progress on my instagram account (@tennesseepretty). And since I want to set myself up to win, I am going to start with a few simple rules for the month of September.

  1. No Dessert

  2. No Bread

  3. No Sugary Drinks

  4. Move for 30 Minutes Everyday - could literally just be an outdoor walk.

I’m not going to crossfit or doing high intensity workouts. I’m going to start small and watch the progress happen because this isn’t about dropping weight fast. This is about making subtle changes to create new habits.

So, each day for the month of September, I am going to post in my insta stories about that day’s exercise, talk about changes in the way that I feel or physical changes that I’m starting to see and I’ll be marking off each successful day on this hideous graphic (that I literally made in 3 minutes using microsoft word) below. I’m calling it the ‘Making Changes Challenge’ because I’m tired of being stuck where I am. Feel free to call me out if you didn’t see a story about my workout one day. And to do one even better, join me! I’ll be posting this on my insta stories if you want to take a screenshot to follow along. If you’re coming along on the journey with me, use the hashtag #MCSEPTEMBER

See you on instagram!



Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 12.33.48 AM.png