House Update: The Family Room

We've been in our house a little over a year now and I feel like I've moved every piece of furniture and picture frame about a million times. I think that's just who I am so I will probably continue moving things around until forever. But I do feel like it's finally coming together around here. My main goal in my home is always coziness so our family room is a challenge because it's an open room with vaulted ceilings. 

I've still got some walls to cover with pictures and things but that's exactly the kind of thing I like to procrastinate so maybe this summer I'll get around to it. I get alot of questions about my couch and chair and a half. We shopped for what seemed like forever but we found them at Macy's and they're so comfortable it's impossible to stay awake when I try to watch a movie.

Isn't it so inviting? I clearly have a thing for fur and black and white. I'm all about the textures when it comes to throw pillows, and I can never get enough of them. 

On the other side of the room, away from the couches and tv, I have a space that I'm still working to fill. I probably should have taken a better photo to give you all a better idea of the layout of things. In fact, I'll do that on my instagram story later so check that out.

Anyway, for now, this part of the room is where my favorite piece lives, an old armoire from my parent's house. It's so pretty and it's great storage! Tim actually started to sand it so we could paint it and we liked the finish so much, we decided to leave it the way it is.

So that's the status of the family room after a year of living in our house. This is our first house so for all of you people who have been homeowners for a while, I have to know, will I ever feel like it's complete? At this rate, it just doesn't seem like it!