Easter Table on the Cheap

I absolutely LOVE to host holidays. Like really. I love it. So as soon as I knew my family was coming down from Ohio, I grabbed all of the pink things I could find around my house and bought some of that easter grass from Target. 


I had pretty much everything in this photo which is proof that you don't have to break the bank to make a pretty party. The pink cups are from Ikea, the polka dot placemats are from Hobby Lobby and the pink teapot was something that my Nana gave me from my Aunt Wilma. 

How amazing are these speckled malted milk eggs! I snagged them at Williams Sonoma and I can't find them on the website but I just got them this weekend so they should still have them. 

I did buy these big golden eggs and bunny candle holders at Target. I'm telling you, I spent next to nothing on this table.

I also ran into Fresh Market (my all time favorite store) and picked up some pink drinks. I know my sweet little cousins will love sipping on some pink lemonade before the egg hunt!

How adorable is this little dish?! I also picked this up at Target. 

Now I just need to add mac and cheese, deviled eggs and my family. I can't wait until Sunday!

Moral of the story, a pretty table doesn't have to cost much. Just go shopping in your cupboard!