4 amazing hairproducts - 1 brand

Raise your hand if you hate washing and blowdrying your hair. 🙋🏼

Unfortunately, until we enter the Jetson's space age, it seems we're stuck with this process.

My life's work has been to find the hair products that make styling easier so fear not ladies, someone is working on it.

Several months ago, I was on a typical Sephora run during my lunch break and I came across the line of products from The Drybar. I tried the Triple Sec spray and was instantly hooked. It smelled like absolute heaven and gave my hair amazing texture. This isn't my daily dry shampoo but I definitely use it everyday to add body and texture. Of the many hair products I use on a daily basis, this one is by far my favorite.

Since I loved the Triple Sec so much, I went and picked up the leave-in conditioner, Mr. Incredible, and have completely emptied the bottle in the past week so I need to make another trip to Sephora to pick up another. I have thick hair that is constantly being bleached so getting a comb through it after washing is quite a challenge. Mr. Incredible is actually really incredible!

Last week, I finally grabbed their Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner and wow! My hair feels nourished, not weighed down and smells lovely. The true test was to get through the weekend without washing my hair and it passed! It even survived the road trip to Knoxville for the game. My hair held up quite nicely considering it was 90 degrees and I slept on the trip there! 

Have y'all tried anything from The Drybar? What did you think?