Makeup Tip Monday

Okay so today's makeup tip has nothing to do with makeup at all. It's a fact that a gal is most beautiful when she's feeling confident, right? And as cheesy as it sounds, beauty really does start on the inside. But for those of us who struggle with anxiety and worry, today's beauty tip is more difficult to achieve than just putting on makeup. I could have the entire MAC store at my disposal but if I'm worried about something and my confidence is waning, it's hard to feel beautiful on the outside.

That's why I'm so thankful for the message our Pastor taught yesterday morning. He shared that the best way to combat anxiety is gratitude. Sometimes when we get into a pit of anxiety it's tough to see anything good around us, even when we're surrounded by blessings.

Also, I don't think that it's a coincidence that I saw White Christmas on Friday night and heard Bing Crosby's song, Count Your Blessings. 

Here's an example: I have anxiety about my family showing my boyfriend embarrassing photos and videos of me from my childhood when we're home for Thanksgiving. BUT I am thankful for my mom's hash brown casserole.

See? It's easy! 

But seriously, no matter what kind of worries, big or small, this strategy works.

So, next time you're feeling anxious take these steps:

1. Paint your nails your favorite color. Because it's more fun to write when you've got cute polish to look at.

2. Get out your journal

3. Write down three things you're thankful for.

Do this everyday if you need to. What have you got to lose?