MTM - Facial Cleanser

MTM = Makeup Tip Monday. Not 'Mary Tyler Moore' or 'Mario's Time Machine' (though I do love both of those). If you're anything like me, you can agree that washing your face can be such a chore. I mean when I'm tired after a long day, I try and reason that it's okay to go to bed with my makeup on, even though it's sooo not. And then I think about how the Wicked Witch from the West probably looked like that because she never washed her face because water, of course, led to her demise when Dorothy accidentally splashed her while trying to put out the fire on Scarecrow.

Yes, I go through that thought process every night and yes, I always end up washing my face.

Could you imagine the Witch starring in a Neutrogena commercial? Food for thought.

Those fresh-faced girls on TV always make washing their face look so invigorating and refreshing. When I'm done washing my face, the mascara and eyeliner all over my eyes make me look like I'm wearing Zorro's mask and then I have to scrub so hard with the eye makeup remover that it looks like I've been crying my entire life. But, all of that changed once I discovered that there are facial cleansers with makeup remover built in! I may be a little late to the game on this one, but better late than never. It is so convenient and I don't have to worry about being too rough on my eyelids with the makeup remover pads. So. All that said, this cleanser takes a step off of the exhausting routine of washing my face and I can sleep well, knowing that I won't wake up with bronzer all over my white pillowcases.

Here is what I am currently using and LOVE:

(You can also use it to clean your makeup brushes!)

Do you have a favorite face wash?