Makeup Tip Monday. Longer Lasting Lipstick.

Okay gals, raise your hand if you wish your lipstick would last longer. I see those hands and ladies, let me tell you I'm right there with you. I need to know that when I put my lipstick on when I'm walking out the door, it's still going to be there when I get where I'm going. And I can't tell you how many times I've been at dinner with Coach and thought, sorry dude, you're really handsome and I love spending time with you but I didn't hear a word you just said because all I can think about is how I wish there was a mirror in your eyes so I could check my lipstick.

Well. I haven't quite figured out how to keep my lipstick perfect for 12 hours after one application but I have found something that can at least get us through our first two cups of coffee in the morning. Lipliner. I know I talked about the importance of lipliner in a previous post but I have discovered another very redeeming quality in this often overlooked cosmetic. Filling your lips entirely with lipliner before you smooth the lipstick on top, helps to keep it in place. This also leaves room for another tip, don't leave your pencil sharpener at home. You'll be needing that alot more often.

And, when shopping for the right shade of lipliner, I always go with a color just a couple of shades darker than the color of my lips.

Unrelated sidenote, I bought the new JT song featuring Jay Z and all I could think about while listening is "I wonder if Jessica Biel and Beyonce are friends. Did they hang out together at the studio while their boys were rockin' the mic? Was Blue Ivy around?"

That's all.