Make your foundation last.

A few weeks ago I was getting so frustrated with my makeup. It seemed like no matter what I'd do, it would slide off for some reason. I had just switched moisturizers and figured that was probably the culprit but I did not want to waste the new one I bought! Usually I'm in a rush in the morning when it's time to put my makeup on and I soon learned that it was just what I needed to keep my makeup in it's place. So today ladies, my tip is simple. Wait for at least 10 minutes after you apply your moisturizer before you apply your next step. For me, the next step is CC cream. Some people may skip that and go straight for the foundation. But whatever you do, give your face at least 10 minutes to soak up the moisturizer. When we put our makeup on and our moisturizer hasn't set, we're basically just blending it all together and our faces become a mess of way too much tinted moisturizer.

I know it's hard to find an extra 10 minutes in your morning between the coffee and Good Morning America and the bloglovin' feed but trust me. It's worth setting that alarm an extra 10 minutes early.

Happy Monday Pretty Girls!