I'm all about that base (coat)

:)I was at a gorgeous wedding this weekend and at the reception, my cousin Brittany and I were discussing manicures (because we'd already gotten current events and politics out of the way). And we both agree that painting our nails was frustrating and there's never a good time to do it. We always wake up in the morning with the dents from our hair and pillowcases on our freshly painted nails. Ugh! It's so annoying. Well, unfortunately, my tip today doesn't help with the inconvenience of at-home manis and it actually makes them slightly more inconvenient but it helps them to last longer! Because chipped nails are not cute!

So, my very clever title is a hint at today's tip, a base coat is a must!

This one is my favorite so far:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.58.04 AM

(From Amazon)

So be sure to grab a good base coat, paint it on clean nails, let it dry and continue your mani as usual. For an even longer lasting polish, use a top coat too!

Happy Makeup Tip Monday!