Fall Fashion Friday!

(Can you tell that I love alliteration?) A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA. 13,000 people, amazing speakers, fun surprises and good music.

Yes, this is a leadership conference and yes, I have an entire notebook full of takeaways, but this post is about fall fashion. Every time I go to catalyst I can't help but notice all the cute clothes everywhere I look. It's a great place to gain inspiration for my own closet and this year I met some gals who's closets I'd love to raid! Here are a few of them..

Mikail (@mikailcortez) perfectly paired mint jeans and a tan cotton shirt. And yes that is an adorable Marc Jacobs bag to top it all off. So simple and so perfect for everyday wear!


Sara is wearing a chambray button-down and a scarf, I love those two things together! Also, please note her adorable lace up suede booties.


First of all, I love Sara's (@sararash) hair, her blonde is the perfect shade and I love that high bun! Second, this dress and those tights are a perfect combination for day or night. So cute!


The great thing about finding inspiration for outfits when you're out and about is that sometimes you have the pieces that you need and you just never think to put them together! Okay, well maybe not in my closet because I own like 7 gray tshirts and two orange blouses, but some of you might have some of these things just laying around. And good thing this post is on Friday because there is no better time to try out new outfits like the weekend. If your outfit is a fail, you can just leave the coffee shop or park and go home and change. But if you try out new outfits during the week and they're a fail, you're stuck at work and your coworkers might look at you weird. I learned this the hard way last week when no one liked my turban headband. But whatev, I still think it's cute.

What are your favorite things to wear in the fall?